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Volunteer for The Advocates

Urgent Volunteer Needs! 

Interpreters: Spanish, Quiche, and Mam speaking volunteer interpreters are needed to work with attorneys, clients, and program staff with The Advocates' Refugee & Immigrant Program. If you are interested, please contact Jane Choi at jchoi@advrights.org or 612-746-4686.

Mailing:  Volunteers are needed now through November 14 to help sign letters and stuff a mailing, including folding, stuffing, sealing, and stamping. You may work at your convenience any time between 8:30am-5:00pm. If you are interested in helping with this project, email Ashley Monk at amonk@advrights.org and indicate your availability.


There are several ongoing volunteer opportunities at The Advocates, including:

Click here to read the volunteer opportunity descriptions and sign-up. When you join one or more of our volunter email lists, we will send you email notices when new volunteer opportunities become available. Join the General Volunteer Opportunites listserv to learn more about what you can do to promote and protect human rights. If you're interested in learning more about a specific issue that The Advocates works on, join one or more of our e-lists

You may also send email inquiries to hrights@advrights.org. Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of The Advocates!

If you are interested in becoming an intern at The Advocates, please click here.