Child Soldiers Links

Amnesty International
This organization is involved in a campaign against children being used as soldiers. Their website has links to articles and resources focused on bringing awareness to child soldiers.

Coalition To Stop The Use Of Child Soldiers
Exposes the use of child soldiers in many countries and seeks to end the practice, as well as find ways to integrate child soldiers back into their communities.

Free The Children
Provides lots of information, firsthand quotes from child victims, useful links, as well as inspiration and guides to take  action.

Human Rights Watch
Explains the factors that make children vulnerable to being soldiers and how you can help stop this practice. Their detailed report about child soldiers in West Africa, “Youth, Poverty and Blood: The Lethal Legacy of West Africa’s Regional Warriors” is available online.

Office of the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Children in Armed Conflict 
Details the atrocities that children must deal with during and after their lives as child soldiers, as well as the responses that have been made by the UN.

The Red Cross
This website is devoted specifically to children in war. The Red Cross is dedicated to providing children in war zones with food, water, and health care, as well as making efforts to reunite lost children with their families. Preventing the use of children as soldiers is a primary concern of the Red Cross in areas of conflict.

War Child
A network of independent organizations working across the world to help children affected by war. This alternative website features concerts, music, photo expositions and other artistic rebuttals to children in war.