Economic Justice Links

Features the online version of the popular bimonthly magazine, along with engaging consumer action campaigns, including annual Buy Nothing Day. Peruse the gallery of spoof ads and culture jams, enter your own creative contest submissions, and download hilarious stickers and banner ads.

Visit the SwAAp and Shop section and barter your belongings through a coordinated cooperative exchange. Find out how to shop with a conscience along with other important consumption tips.

Behind the Label
This multi-media magazine and online community features extensive information on labor conditions in the garment         industry. The site includes in-depth profiles of international sweatshop struggles, mini-documentaries and photos, facts about sweatshop retailers and opinion pages.

CleanClothes campaign
Join a campaign dedicated to improving working conditions for garment workers worldwide. Sign onto urgent appeals, investigate working conditions for leading clothing companies, and check out campaign updates.

Fairtrade Labeling Organization International (FLO)
The leading worldwide labeling organization for Fair Trade products. Visit this site to learn about products, standards, and certification procedures.

Global Exchange
The website for this U.S.-based organization features great research and campaigns on a range of human rights and economic rights issues. Check out their educational “reality tours” across the U.S. and Mexico.

International Labour Organization
This UN Agency focuses on human and labor rights. Check out the International Program on Child Labor and find out which countries have ratified the convention against child labor.

Jubilee Research  Jubilee Debt Campaign
These are two UK-based sites focusing on the global debt cancellation campaign. Visit Jubilee Research for data and information. Then visit the campaign site for updates, resources, and actions.

Maquila Solidarity Network
This Canadian network of individuals and organizations is committed to improving the labor conditions of retail workers. Visit the online resource centre to learn more about the garment industry and child labor. Check out the excellent action tools for research, education, and campaigning.

New Dream Action Network
Promotes the choice to buy, live and consume responsibly, presenting many practical ideas and achievable goals. Check out Turn the Tide: Nine Actions for the Planet and start making simple yet effective personal changes.

Project Love
Gets kids to fundraise and send educational supplies to Third World countries. In addition, they educate these youth about the international situation. Check out the resource materials page on their website for great resources.

Street Kids International
Works to help the international poverty crisis and get kids off the street. Check out the IMPRINT programs in the Global Education section for some great ideas.