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Human Rights Basics
Learn about what human rights are, where they came from, how they are implemented, and ways to take action.


The Advocates for Human Rights has created this series of toolkits that examine important human rights issues in the United States. The toolkits provide tools to help Americans advocate for positive social change.

Human Rights Training
The Advocates offers trainings and presentations on a myriad human rights-related subjects that range from one hour overviews to multi-day intensive workshops. Check out our free online webinars conducted by staff of The Advocates for Human Rights.

Human Rights Manuals and Publications
Find the latest training manuals on using a human rights framework and other publications by The Advocates. All publications are available for free in PDF format.


Book Club
The Advocates hosts a book club that focuses on great books with human rights themes.  Join us or start your own club with this great collection of books and study guides.


Take Action for Human Rights
Get involved with the Advocates work or find ways to take action on a human rights issue you are passionate about. 


Human Rights Films
Films are a powerful and engaging way to learn about human rights issues.  Join us for our Women's Human Rights Film Series or browse these sites to find great human rights films.


Check out these great links to other human rights organizations or browse links by issues area.

The Advocates' hosts a series of educational and celebratory events each year.