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Madeline Lohman

Groups: Staff
Programs: Advocacy

Madeline Lohman is a Senior Researcher with The Advocates for Human Rights. She conducts research, community education and outreach, and legislative advocacy on immigrant rights and human trafficking in Minnesota. In 2019, she developed protocol guidelines on behalf of the MN Department of Health to improve the statewide response to youth victims of labor trafficking. She also specializes in trainings and technical assistance on human rights advocacy for social justice organizations, as well as international monitoring and reporting, primarily on the death penalty.  

As part of The Advocates' team on combating human trafficking, she published a 2016 report on labor trafficking and exploitation in Minnesota. She also convened a working group of government experts to design a self-assessment card for labor trafficking victims as well as trainings and materials to accompany the card.

Her previous work with The Advocates included researching and writing a report on immigrant rights in Minnesota, building on several years of organizing and managing partnerships with community organizations through Minnesota to combat anti-immigrant bias. As part of her work on immigrant rights, Madeline also collaborated with local governments and community organizations to conduct local-level immigrant integration initiatives. She also participates in advocacy at the Minnesota legislature, previously managing communication materials and websites for an immigrant rights coalition.

In addition to her work on immigrant rights, Madeline conducts trainings and creates educational materials on human rights for the general public, social justice professionals, educators, and K-12 students. She regularly presents at local and national conferences, organizes a yearly training series, and helped train Ugandan parliamentarians establishing a human rights commission. As part of her educational work, she co-wrote both a curriculum on immigration and human rights for use in high schools and a training manual on using human rights in social justice work.

Prior to working at The Advocates, she held positions at a variety of nonprofits, including Freedom House in Washington D.C., International Relief Teams, Human Rights Education Associates, and PACT Bolivia. Madeline graduated from The Fletcher School at Tufts University with a MALD and received her BA from Harvard University.


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