The Road to Peace


A Teaching Guide on Local and Global Transitional Justice

Here are a few examples of what can be found inside the teaching guide:

●     Lessons on the root causes and costs of war and conflict
●     Overview of human rights and different transitional justice mechanisms
●     Mock war crimes tribunal and mock truth commission role plays
●     In-depth country case studies
●     Individual case studies on human rights abuses
●     Investigative tools to study the need for transitional justice in the U.S.
●     Skill-building resources on how to apply reconciliation on a local level
●     Conflict resolution and peer mediation exercises
●     Transitional justice glossary
●     Resources for further study and action on peace and justice

Appropriate for 9th grade through adult learners.

>> Download the complete curriculum (4.28 MB)

>> Download PowerPoints for chapters 6 and 7

>> Download the complete curriculum adapted for Zimbabwe (4.6 MB)

>> Connections to C3 and ELA Social Studies Standards
>> Connections to Minnesota Social Studies Standards

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