Training Modules Customized to Your Needs to Protect Women

Through research, education, and advocacy, The Advocates for Human Rights improves conditions for women in countries around the world. Training is an important component of success. We train systems actors, including judges, prosecutors, lawyers, police, and NGOs, on implementing domestic violence laws. Our training modules are customized, designed to fit a country’s context and legal framework. We use a combination of lectures, role playing, and case studies to transform how systems actors respond to domestic violence.

Consider our work in Moldova. Our initiative, in part, involved The Advocates' staff and volunteers traveling to Moldova to work with volunteer judges to train lawyers, prosecutors, and judges in a transformative three-day training. It was a success, as pointed out by a prosecutor who had been practicing for 20 years. "We have little experience in this area," he stated. "We didn’t know how to apply our law. In three days, you answered many of our questions. I was convinced that when a victim goes to the police, she is not lying.”

In Minnesota, The Advocates trains health care providers, educators, lawyers, social services, and advocacy groups throughout Minnesota on how to most effectively use the Safe Harbor law. The Safe Harbor law ensures that girls and boys under age 18 involved in sex trafficking are treated as victims, not criminals. It mandates that they receive the medical care, education, psychological services, and other help they need. Our multi-pronged initiative to combat sex trafficking has led to stronger tools for Minnesota prosecutors to use when they handle sex trafficking cases. Minnesota's law now serves as a model for the United States federal government and states throughout the country. Read or download the report, Sex Trafficking Needs Assessment for the State of Minnesota. Read or download the report's executive summary

Learn more about what you can do to prevent sex trafficking in Minnesota with The Advocates' Sex Trafficking and Safe Harbor Resource Pack. The packet provides accessible, consistent information about sex trafficking and the Safe Harbor law including a PowerPoint presentation, supplemental handouts, and resources for specific systems professionals.   

If your country is interested in implementing laws and conducting legal training on domestic violence, please contact us.