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The Advocates' Vision

"I want to live in a world that is ruled by human rights." - Human rights defender from Belarus

In our vision of the world:

Human rights are the central organizing principle of society, and every law, policy, and practice incorporates international human rights standards.

Trained human rights defenders mobilize citizens to hold governments and individuals accountable for human rights abuses. Together, they speak up against authoritarianism, abuse, and discrimination and apply international pressure to reform systems. Now, only some activists have access to the United Nation and other international institutions. Together, we can train more partners.

photo collage of protest march against the Muslim ban, Women's Rights Program Director Rosalyn Park, two men presenting at the United Nations, and eye clinic at the Nepal School

The justice system is just. Powerful people have built unjust systems that protect their interests at the expense of others. To build a world with equality and justice, every person must know their rights, be allowed to use their voice, and be treated with dignity irrespective of race, gender, country of origin, immigration status, or religion. Together, we can recruit more court observers, collect data, and improve the system.

The immigration system is just, and every migrant has access to competent legal representation. For millennia, people have fled from persecution, exploitation, and violence. They have sought asylum and brighter futures. Laws have become more complex and restrictive. Now, migrants face a daunting process alone and have no right to legal assistance. Together, we can recruit more pro bono lawyers and monitor proceedings in immigration courts.

We envision a world in which all people live with dignity, freedom, justice, equality, and peace.

Join us.