The Advocates for Human Rights Denounces President’s Proclamation Blocking Asylum

The administration’s direct attack on asylum is the worst assault our protection system has ever witnessed.

The law is clear. Everyone has right to seek and enjoy asylum and people fleeing for their lives cannot be denied asylum because of illegal entry or presence in a country.

“The president’s cruel attempt to shut down the asylum system is illegal,” says Robin Phillips, executive director of The Advocates for Human Rights. “But while we fight to protect this fundamental human right, people will be returned to persecution, torture, and death on account of who they are or what they believe.”

The proclamation purports to allow people who appear at a port-of-entry to ask for asylum. In practice, however, the administration has been denying people the chance to even talk to border agents. This has left people languishing for months in makeshift camps near border crossing checkpoints for a chance to be heard.

“Fleeing persecution takes courage and determination, but it also requires justice,” says Mary Ries, board member and former client of The Advocates for Human Rights. “Because I was given a fair chance to be heard, I have been able to rebuild my life in safety and freedom.”

The Advocates for Human Rights is the largest provider of free legal services to asylum seekers in the Upper Midwest. With the help of hundreds of pro bono attorneys, The Advocates provided help in more than 1000 cases last year.

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