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Tuesday, November 22, 2022


Human Rights Observer, volume 34, issue 1 (2022)

2022 has seen many challenges but also victories for human rights. We are incredibly grateful to our 1,395 volunteers who made this year possible. 

The Immigration Court Observation Project turned five. Through this effort we have brought nearly 800 people into the courtroom and this year reported on those seeking release from immigration custody

The Advocates continues to build human rights defenders' capacity for advocacy at the United Nations. We returned to Geneva in 2022 focused on continuing global momentum for death penalty abolition.

We traveled to Prague, Czech Republic to take part in the annual Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE) conference and to launch Global Women's Watch, a coalition of women's human rights defenders from more than 20 countries.

New partnerships allowed us to help more than 3,000 people throughout the Upper Midwest, including hundreds of Afghan evacuees, navigate complex immigration proceedings.

Thanks to incredible support, we successfully finished our Act Now! capacity campaign, leaving us stronger than ever as we enter our fifth decade.

Read about these stories and more in this year's issue of The Observer.