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40 Years of Defending Human Rights

Wednesday, October 25, 2023


Human Rights Observer 2023, volume 35, issue 1

2023 celebrated our 40th anniversary. This year has seen many challenges but also victories for human rights. We are incredibly grateful to our 1,500+ volunteers who made this year possible. 

Recently we've published a report, Strategies Of Civil Society To Counter The Far-Right Backlash Against Human Rights. This report describes the innovative strategies undertaken by civil society in response to anti-gender activity. Additionally, our court observers published the Immigration Court Observation Project Issue Brief: Unaccompanied Children. Here we examine how the thousands of children appearing in immigration courts each year are treated like adults.

Our impact extends beyond just reporting, including racial justice, immigration court, labor trafficking reform, and more. Read about these stories and more in this year's issue of The Observer. 

pie chart showing volunteer breakdown

bar graph showing human rights services delivered by fiscal year