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The Advocates for Human Rights Strongly Opposes Efforts that Barter with Human Rights

November 29, 2023

The Advocates for Human Rights Strongly Opposes Efforts that Barter with Human Rights 

Minneapolis, MN (November 29,2023)-- The Advocates for Human Rights calls on Congress to immediately reject proposals that would eviscerate the right to seek safety from persecution and torture, violate due process laws and protections against arbitrary and prolonged detention, and undermine best practices of ensuring safe, orderly and fair pathways to migrationThe Advocates and others have continually called for Congress to cease efforts that trade the rights of one group in favor of those of others or for political ends.   

"We are frustrated that some in Congress are again seeking to hold human rights hostage to advance their agenda," said Michele Garnett McKenzie, Deputy Director of The Advocates for Human Rights.?"Human rights are not chits to be bartered for political ends; they are basic guarantees to human dignity that must not be traded away. Efforts to erode our asylum system will inflict lasting and serious human harms while failing to address real areas for meaningful immigration reform." 

According to reports, negotiations in Congress involve individuals from both parties considering changes that would implement an asylum ban for those who transit through other countries en route to the United States or who enter the US outside a port of entry-both illegal and harmful moves that courts have struck down under both Republican and Democratic administrations. In addition, proposals seek to create near-impossible barriers to apply for asylum, raising the standard to pass a Credible Fear Interview when we know individuals facing CFIs are at their most vulnerable and rarely have access to counsel or adequate language supportsThese permanent changes to asylum would have devastating consequences that would create increased vulnerabilities to exploitation, violate international and domestic law, and cause serious harm to vulnerable individuals and families.  

"People move, and the United States must ensure our laws provide safe, orderly, and fair pathways to migration if we want to protect human dignity, support business needs for migration, and uphold national security," continued Garnett McKenzie.Closing avenues to safely seek asylum will not stop people from seeking safety." 


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