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Immigration Politics - The Advocast

February 13, 2024
The Advocast

In this episode of The Advocast, we discuss the recent political happenings surrounding immigration with Lindsey Greising, Staff Attorney with The Advocates.

Update: Early this morning (2/13/2024), the Senate passed the foreign aid supplemental bill (H.R. 815) (providing funding for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and other aid) by a vote margin of 70-29. Importantly, no immigration-related amendments were added to the foreign aid bill though several were proposed including the Senate's bipartisan border deal.  At this point, it is unclear what the House will do with the foreign aid bill given Speaker Johnson's outright rejection of it. Today's Senate vote follows the months-long negotiations on the bipartisan bill which failed last week to pass the Senate on a largely party line vote.  

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