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Restore the Right to Vote in Minnesota

February 1, 2023

Update: Restore the Vote has passed the Minnesota Senate floor!

Voting is a fundamental right and, as the Supreme Court noted more than a century ago, is “preservative of all rights.” Without a democracy that affords fair and equal opportunities for participation to everyone, we cannot make meaningful progress on urgent civil and human rights. Yet so many of our fellow Minnesotans have been denied this basic freedom due to past convictions.

Taking away a person’s right to vote dehumanizes them, as well as the community they represent. We all must stand together against any restrictions on voting, particularly those that overwhelmingly take away the voting rights of people of color, our rural neighbors, and impoverished Minnesotans. People who have experienced incarceration also need to experience restoration and redemption in society. Restoring their rights of citizenship, including the right to vote, restores them of their voice & dignity.

Restored people restore our communities. Successful re-entry makes all of our communities safer by ensuring that people coming home from prison are able to support themselves and their families through work and can become engaged, active, and have a voice in their communities.

It’s time to restore voting rights to nearly 60k Minnesotans. Learn how you can help support the right to vote by visiting