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The Advocates Joins Global Experts on Involving Diaspora Communities in Peacebuilding
Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN (May 4, 2009) –  Represented by Jennifer Prestholdt, Deputy Director and Ahmed Sirleaf, a program associate on  Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission Project, the advocates for Human Rights has actively participated in the UN expert meeting and seminar on “Peacebuilding: The Role of Diasporas”,  held at UN Headquarters in New York on April 28 and 29.
The seminar – a part of the Migration and Development seminar series - was organized by the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration, the UN Population Fund, and the MacArthur Foundation.
Aiming at identifying and discussing challenges and opportunities involved in engaging diaspora communities in formal peacebuilding processes, with particular emphasis on the design of institutional interfaces and support for engagement, the seminar discussed critical issues such as: “Opportunities and constraints for diaspora engagement in post-conflict situations”, “Providing institutional support for diaspora engagement in reconstruction and capacity building” and a UN Peacebuilding Commission Panel Briefing on “ Peacebuilding and the Role of Diasporas”.
In addition, the seminar tackled “Diaspora engagement in peacebuilding and reconciliation”: the topic which the Advocates team has presented sharing experience of its Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Project, its goals and impact on reconciliation processes both in Liberia and within diaspora communities.
Participants in the seminar included UN stakeholders, academia, civil society and the private sector . Earlier, on the April 28 experts meeting, the team had presented the topic to UN diplomats responsible for the Second and Third Committees of the General Assembly, the Peacebuilding Commission, and UN staff.
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