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The Stinson Rapid Response Regulation Team: A 2021 Volunteer Award Recipient

June 18, 2021

The Stinson Rapid Response Regulation Team consists of lawyers and paralegals from the Washington D.C. office of Stinson LLP. They have given invaluable help to The Advocates for Human Rights in protecting the rights of immigrants and asylum seekers. The team is headed by Harvey Reiter and Dennis Lane, two energetic, experienced, and highly motivated administrative law attorneys. Through Harvey’s position as chair of the working group on immigration for the newly formed Law Firm Antiracism Alliance, he has strategized with organizations like The Advocates to brainstorm ways to use the law to promote inclusivity. While the team works focuses on administrative law in their day-to-day work, members also have a passion and use their knowledge for protecting the rights of immigrants and asylum seekers.

In 2020, the previous presidential administration skirted administrative rules and proposed nearly 20 harmful regulations that would have gutted asylum and due process protections for victims of human rights abuses seeking safety in the United States. The Stinson Team stepped up and drafted comments in opposition to the proposed regulations for The Advocates. When the administration continued to fight for regulations that would dismantle asylum protections, the Stinson Team devoted hours to perfecting an amicus brief on behalf of The Advocates and helped us concretely and coherently oppose these harmful policies. We admired the team’s dedicated opposition and indignation towards those deeply damaging regulations.

The Stinson Team also inspired others to protest unjust policies. When it became almost impossible for our Liberian community members to receive Liberian Refugee Immigrant Fairness Act green cards, the Stinson Team created convincing sample language for pro bono attorneys that they could use when communicating with lawmakers and sharing their opposition to these unjust policies. Furthermore, The Stinson Team’s outstanding legal knowledge and efforts allowed the broader volunteer community to take action and demand justice for our Liberian community members.

The Stinson Team executed all their work with enthusiasm, optimism, and patience. Their commitment to justice and using the law to do good in the world helped our community turn outrage into action. It is with great honor that we present a 2021 Volunteer Award to the Stinson Rapid Response Regulation Team. Thank you for changing the world for good.

Please join us on Thursday, June 24 for the Human Rights Awards Dinner to Celebrate the Stinson Team and all of our 2021 award recipients. RSVP on our website to receive access information.