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The Advocates Supports the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act

March 31, 2021

The Advocates supports the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act of 2021

  • Sponsors: Rep. Jayapal, Rep. Smith; Sen. Booker
  • Introduction Date:  3/25/21
  • Bill Numbers: HR 2222/S 1186
  • Letter of Support

Overview:  The Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act will end the use of private detention facilities altogether, repeal mandatory detention, stop family detention, and prohibit solitary confinement while also restoring due process and increasing oversight, accountability, and transparency measures. 

It will also save the taxpayer the billions of dollars wasted on unnecessary immigration detention by promoting more humane and less costly community-based alternatives and mandating that all detained immigrants have access to a custody hearing in front of an immigration judge. The government will be required to show probable cause that someone poses a risk to the community in order to detain them. Vulnerable populations - including primary caregivers and asylum seekers - will also be protected. The Dignity for Detained Immigrant Act also requires that DHS establishes legally enforceable civil detention standards, and creates a meaningful inspection process at facilities.