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US Must Ensure Clear Pathways for Afghans Seeking Protection

August 18, 2021

The U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan has precipitated fears of reprisals and repression. The United States must act swiftly to ensure people are protected. This means immediately:

  • dedicating resources and removing barriers to the Special Immigrant Visa program to allow U.S. allies to enter the United States,
  • dedicating resources and removing barriers to the U.S. Refugee Program, including lifting the refugee resettlement cap, so that people forced to flee can find permanent safety in the United States
  • dedicating resources and removing barriers to asylum and other complimentary protections so that Afghan nationals arriving or in the United States are not returned to human rights violations.
  • designating Afghanistan for Temporary Protected Status.
  • ensuring that women's human rights defenders are included in protection priorities.

Individuals can sign on to this call to action by our colleagues at CWS.

Click here for resources on the Afghan evacuation.