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2023 and Beyond: Making the Vision a Reality

June 15, 2023

The vision that launched The Advocates for Human Rights in 1983 holds true today. Everyone has a part to play in making human rights the organizing principle for the planet.

Human rights are interconnected and interdependent. And now more than ever, the human rights movement must be too. The Advocates works across movements and around the globe to build a world where dignity, justice, freedom, equality, and peace are a reality.

Today, recognizing the inherent dignity of our clients means providing the legal help needed to win asylum. And it means providing the opportunity to advocate to change the conditions which forced them to flee. Recognizing the strength of our partners means documenting what they are experiencing. And it means providing the training and tools for them to change the systems that violate human rights. Recognizing the power of our volunteers means providing a chance to do hands-on human rights work and become advocates for human rights.

Join us for the next 40 years, and help us change the world for good.