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Advocates Archive: Human Rights Tools for a Changing World (2015)

September 6, 2023

Human Rights Tools for a Changing World was created in 2015 with the express purpose of providing advocates of all backgrounds, experiences, and locations a full range of tools and resources to promote human rights in a changing world. Providing practical, step-by-step guidance for individuals and community groups wanting to use human rights monitoring, documentation, and advocacy in their work to change policy and improve human rights conditions.

The manual was designed to aid advocates undertaking a variety of activities-from the relatively simple to the more complex. With background information, key questions to consider, case examples, and practitioner's tips, this handy resource provides tools to combat human rights abuses and change social institutions, as well as structures to promote the full realization of human rights.

The Advocates is celebrating 40 years of defending human rights. Throughout this year, we are sharing stories and projects from our archives to shed light on the history of the organization, and the issues we work on.