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Cuba - Committee Against Torture - March 2022

Date: March 18, 2022
Country: Cuba
Type: Intl Mechanism Submission
Issues: Detention, Torture
Mechanism: UN Committee against Torture
Report Type: Shadow/Parallel Report
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Cuba continues to arbitrarily detain people for prolonged periods. People who are detained lack legal safeguards and are charged with vague violations of the criminal code. Some are charged with nothing at all. Arbitrary detention often targets perceived political opponents of the Cuban Government, such as human rights defenders and members of opposition groups.

People in detention face physical abuse and trauma at the hands of Cuban security and police forces. Police and security forces burn them with cigarettes and beat them, resulting in broken bones, missing teeth, and other injuries.

Conditions in Cuba's prisons are inhumane. People in detention report overcrowding, a lack of medical care, and inadequate food and water. Despite Cuba's stated efforts to improve prison facilities, clients of The Advocates report poor air quality, including a lack of windows and fresh air.

The Advocates for Human Rights has received direct information about arbitrary detention based on political opinion; torture and cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment at the hands of Cuban police officers and security forces; and inhumane prison conditions. The firsthand experiences of The Advocates' clients confirm that Cuba fails to provide people with adequate protection against torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment by law enforcement.