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Philippines - Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women - Violence Against Women - June 2022

Domestic violence remains a serious problem in the Philippines. Despite the presence of a well-established reporting system through the Philippine National Police (PNP), the national violence against women (VAW) data is inadequate as administrative data are poorly coordinated. This is further aggravated as the State has temporarily halted and redirected its efforts and resources toward VAW to now address COVID-19 concerns. Strict restrictions on mobility have resulted in underreporting to authorities, and VAW Desks personnel lack the necessary training in addressing VAW in their communities. 

While efforts in strengthening laws pertaining to VAW are in progress, the State has not adequately amended existing provisions that shield perpetrators. Married victims of VAW may sever marriage ties, although current laws remain insufficient to fully protect married women. 

The State fails to adequately protect women from Violence Against Women and Their Children (VAWC). Despite the presence of an Anti-VAWC law, the current administration's campaign against illegal drugs continues to cause indirect violence to women.

Barriers to women's participation in political and public life remain present. Further, the State has yet to eliminate persisting stereotypes regarding the roles and responsibilities of women and men in the family and in society as well as derogatory statements and behavior by high-level political figures. Barriers to adequate employment also continue to impede women from fully participating in public life. 

This submission employs qualitative research. IDEALS collected and analyzed primary data through its virtual platform for legal assistance (Tisya Hustisya), direct service to victims of domestic violence, legal documentation of the relatives of human rights victims, and focus group discussion interviews.