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Tunisia - Committee Against Torture (LOIPR) - Violence Against Women - June 2022

Date: June 13, 2022
Country: Tunisia
Type: Intl Mechanism Submission
Issues: Women's Rights
Mechanism: UN Committee against Torture
Report Type: List of Issues Prior to Reporting
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Violence against women in Tunisia remains widespread and systemic. Though the December 2010-January 2011 revolution brought about reform for women's rights, there is a general perception that violence against women has increased since the revolution, with high rates of both domestic violence as well as violence against women in public places.  The Act on Violence Against women includes reform to key articles of the Penal Code but the application of the new law to situations of domestic violence remains limited both by the language of the law and in its implementation. Further, sexual relationships between unmarried persons remain illegal in Tunisia, creating barriers to women reporting violence committed in non-marital intimate relationships.   

This report recommends that Tunisia increase the penalties for political, psychological, and economic violence and expand the scope of relationships covered by the Act on Violence Against Women in order to adequately hold perpetrators accountable. Coincidingly, it recommends amending the Penal Code and Civil Status Code provisions in order to abolish in both law and practice criminal prosecutions for consensual sexual relations outside of marriage. Last, it recommends continuing efforts to better detention conditions and implement monitoring mechanisms of ill-treatment in prisons, while amending Organic Act No. 2015-26 to ensure those detained in cases of terrorism have equal access to legal safeguards.