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Ukraine Crisis

ID: Hand with index and middle finger raised in peace sign, overlaid with colors of the Ukraine flag, blue on top half, yellow on bottom.

The Advocates for Human Rights condemns Russia's attack on Ukraine as a violation of international law and direct harm to untold numbers of people. 
We call for an immediate stop to the military invasion and until that cessation, respect for international humanitarian law, which protects civilian lives and their livelihood, including their homes, businesses, hospitals, and schools. 

Our Response

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court ("ICC") has announced his intention to open an investigation into the situation in Ukraine. We are gathering information from Ukrainians on-the-ground in Ukraine about what they have seen or heard that would fall within the scope of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. We will compile their stories and submit a report to the prosecutor for his investigation into the situation in Ukraine. We are grateful to the courageous Ukrainians stepping forward to share their stories.

The Advocates will continue to closely follow developments on the ground in Ukraine and adapt our response as the situation evolves.

How You Can Help

We can document the experiences of women’s human rights defenders in Ukraine while their memories are still raw. We can bring the atrocities to light and record them for posterity. Together, we can give justice a chance.

If you have information you would like to share about the situation in Ukraine for The Advocates’ report to the ICC, email us by clicking “Share Your Story” below. If you speak Ukrainian and can help with interpretation and translation, click below to get started. If you want to support this work and protect human rights for all, donate below.


UNHCRthe UN Refugee Agency, is operating in the region to provide direct assistance to refugees. Visit the page for the country you are in (links open in a new window):

Ukrainians in the United States as of March 1, 2022, may be eligible for Temporary Protected Status

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