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1. Human Rights Tools for a Changing World: A step-by-step guide to human rights fact-finding, documentation, and advocacy (January 2015)
Human Rights Tools for a Changing World was created with the express purpose of providing advocates of all backgrounds, experiences, and locations a full range of tools and resources to promote human rights in a changing world. Providing practical, step-by-step guidance for individuals and community groups wanting to use human rights monitoring, documentation, and advocacy in their work to change policy and improve human rights conditions.

The manual is designed to aid advocates undertaking a variety of activities—from the relatively simple to the more complex. With background information, key questions to consider, case examples, and practitioner’s tips, this handy resource provides tools to combat human rights abuses and change social institutions, as well as structures to promote the full realization of human rights. Download the entire manual or individual sections and chapters.

2. Moving from Exclusion to Belonging: Immigrant Rights in Minnesota Today (April 2013)
The Advocates for Human Rights’ groundbreaking report centers on the human rights of refugees and immigrants in Minnesota. The report places its findings and recommendations within the context of state, federal, and international human rights law to identify what is working to promote integration and success, what is failing, and what gaps exist in public policy. Tthe report draws on nearly 200 individual interviews and more than 25 community conversations involving hundreds of people throughout the state. ISBN: 0-929293-75-4
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3. Paving Pathways for Justice & Accountability: Human Rights for Diaspora Communities (January 2014)
A how-to guide with a full menu of strategies and resources to empower migrants to be effective advocates for human rights in their countries of origin. The goal is to facilitate the inclusion of diaspora voices in efforts to hold governments accountable. With background information, key questions to consider, case examples, and practitioner's tips, the resource is loaded with tools to combat human rights abuses and change social institutions and structures. ISBN: 0-929293-74-6  
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4. A Practitioner's Guide to Human Rights Monitoring, Documentation and Advocacy
This manual provides guidance on how to use a human rights framework to work for social change in the United States. The manual walks practitioners through every step in the human rights documentation process, from establishing the project and objectives to setting up the interviews to writing a report and making recommendations. Each section goes in-depth, posing questions and considerations to readers so they can best structure the process to suit their needs and resources. The manual also helps practitioners plan how to push forward recommendations using strategies from education and lobbying to litigation and international human rights mechanisms. Finally, the manual helps organizations understand how they can use human rights in their work for social change. The Advocates produced this manual at the request of the US Human Rights Network and with funding from the U.S. Human Rights Fund. ISBN: 0-929293-67-3 
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5. Discover Human Rights: A Human Rights Approach to Social Justice
A growing  segment of U.S. civil society is turning to human rights to secure social, policial, and economic objectives that they have sought for decades. To strengthen the capacity of all organizations to use human rights to combat entrenched poverty, discrimination, and injustice, The Advocates for Human Rights has developed this manual and accompanying training. Discover Human Rights: A Human Rights Approach to Social Justice helps advocates and activists translate the international human rights framework into practical reality. Intended for U.S.-based social justice advocates and activists, Discover Human Rights provides concrete steps for integrating international human rights principles into social justice work. ISBN: 0-929293-69-X
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6. Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority: Case Studies of Uganda, Mexico, and United States (1999)
In developing and developed countries alike, more than 12 million children under the age of five die each year as a result of inadequate health services, violence, malnutrition, unsafe water, and lack of other basice necessities.  These deaths constitute an unspeakable tragedy and must be recognized as a gross violation of fundamental human rights.  This report tackles the serious issue of preventable child mortality and emphasizes that all rights -- civil, political, economic, social and cultural -- must be promoted and protected in order to ensure the health and survival of children. ISBN: 0-929293 38-x

7. Handbook on Human Rights in Situations of Conflict (1997)
This handbook is a valuable resource for attorneys, educators, and United Nations and other human rights professionals. It serves as a guide for using human rights norms and methods to prevent the escalation of conflict. The annexes comprise over 200 pages of the book, including a comprehensive overview of the UN, regional organizations and multilateral arrangements, and a directory of human rights organizations around the world. ISBN: 0-929293 38-x

8. The Minnesota Plan: Recommendations for Preventing Gross Human Rights Violations in Kosovo (1993)
Details the severe repression of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and gives recommendations for the international community to prevent an escalation of conflict and further abuses of human rights in this region of the former Yugoslavia.

9. Manual on the Effective Prevention and Investigation of Extra-Legal, Arbitrary and Summary Executions (Minnesota Protocol)  (1991)
The result of several years of analysis, research and drafting undertaken because of the extra-legal, arbitrary and summary executions throughout the world. The manual, greatly facilitated by The Advocates, provides technical advice for meaningful implementation of the Principles adopted by the United Nations Economic and Social Council in the February 1990 session in Vienna. Hard copies also available in Arabic and French. ISBN: 92-1 130142-4