The Advocates for Human Rights works to create public policy that respects, protects, and fulfills human rights obligations in our home community and around the world.


  • Defending the human rights of asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants; 
  • Protecting the human rights of women and girls; 
  • Supporting the work of human rights defenders; 
  • Working to abolish the death penalty; and
  • Ending impunity for human rights violations.


  • Using international human rights mechanisms, including those of the United Nations, to highlight human rights violations and advocate for policy change;
  • Advocating for public policy changes in Minnesota, the United States, and our partner countries;
  • Providing direct legal advocacy to asylum seekers, trafficking survivors, and detained immigrants and amicus curiae briefing in priority human rights cases; 
  • Advancing our priorities by working in partnerships and coaltions; and
  • Confronting and dismantling white supremacy, white nationalism, and racism.


The Advocates for Human Rights works in state, national, and global partnerships and coaltions dedicated to advancing our priority issues. 

Anti-Racism and Human Rights

Confronting and dismantling racism, white nationalism, and white supremacy is an urgent human rights priority in the United States.

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