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I will comply with all Rules of Professional Conduct governing my law license including:
Rules of Professional Conduct:

In the course of representing my client, I will:
Representation duties:

I understand that I may withdraw from the case in the following circumstances:
Permissible situations for withdrawal:

Should withdrawal become necessary or should I wish to withdraw from a case, I understand and agree to the following:
Conditions of withdrawal:

I will complete and return to The Advocates the Representation Agreement specifying the issues for which I am providing services. I understand that failure to complete this agreement means that I am not receiving malpractice insurance through The Advocates. If the scope of representation changes, I will complete a new Representation Agreement in order to ensure that my representation is covered by The Advocates' insurance policy.
Representation Agreement: 
I will keep track of and report to The Advocates the number of hours and costs for my case. I will notify The Advocates at the conclusion of the representation (or stage of representation) and provide a copy of the decision in the case. I will notify The Advocates if my contact information changes.
Reporting on the case: 
I will notify The Advocates of any issues that arise during the representation of my client which affect the case, my client, or my duty as attorney.
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