Celebrating the Power of Immigration Court Observation
Thursday, March 4, 2021 7:00 PM

Join the conversation and learn how to create an immigration system that respects the dignity of migrants and holds government to a higher standard. 

Today's immigration enforcement system leaves little room for justice. We need a new vision for migration that includes human rights. Watch the event recording on YouTube to learn how court observers work with us to improve laws, fight injustice, and hold government to a higher standard.

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Thank you to our event co-hosts:

Florence Brammer | Aviva Breen | Sharon Castle | Karen & Rick Evans | Nancy Gaschott & Mark Ritchie | Sam Graber | Michal Moskow | Sam & Char Myers | Joan Naymark | Ginna Portman Amis & Allan Amis | Lyn Rabinovitch | Kwame Reed | Betty Tisel & Sarah Farley