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Full Rights, Whole Children: A Case Study of Child Survival and Human Rights in Mexico (2001)
The report documents violations of children's economic, social and cultural rights in Mexico. This report supplements The Advocates' 1998 case-study on Child Mortality in Mexico. It includes an analysis of Mexico's macroeconomic polices, the Mexican health care system, and government social welfare programs that impact child well-being. ISBN:0-929293 50-7

Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority: Case Studies of Uganda, Mexico, and U.S. (1999)
In developing and developed countries alike, more than 12 million children under the age of five die each year as a result of inadequate health services, violence, malnutrition, unsafe water, and lack of other basice necessities.  These deaths constitute an unspeakable tragedy and must be recognized as a gross violation of fundamental human rights.  This report tackles the serious issue of preventable child mortality and emphasizes that all rights -- civil, political, economic, social and cultural -- must be promoted and protected in order to ensure the health and survival of children. ISBN: 0-929293 38-x

RESTAVEK: Child Domestic Labor in Haiti (1989)
Details the common practice of domestic child labor in Haiti, known in Creole as "restavek", and illuminates the plight of restavek children who lack basic economic and civil rights. Recommendations, directed toward the abolition of restavek, are offered. ISBN: 0-929293 06-1