Curricula and Lesson Plans on Human Rights

ABC Teaching Human Rights
By the United Nations.  ABC: Teaching Human Rights aims to serve as a user-friendly tool for human rights education with practical advice to educators who want to foster human rights awareness and action among primary and secondary school children.

All Different, All Equal
A project of the Council of Europe.  Includes curriculum to promote intercultural education

Amnesty International
Amnesty International believes that learning about human rights is the first step toward respecting, promoting and defending the rights of all people. Their site includes lesson plans, film discussion guides, and other teaching materials

BBC World Service: "I Have a Right to...
Case studies which can be used to teach students about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Human rights education activities for students from K-12 that seek to promote human rights, non-discrimination and peaceful conflict resolution through active participation and capacity-building. 

Civitas International
Devoted to civic education resources for educators around the world.

CNN Student News
CNN Student News provides news resources for students and educators.  The site also includes lesson plans related to many of the news stories.  Other sites to try are, or  They are ftp sites that contain past lesson plans. 

Compass:  A Manual on Human Rights Education With Young People
By the Council of Europe.  Compass is a manual on human rights education providing youth leaders, teachers and other educators, whether professionals or volunteers, with concrete ideas and practical activities to engage, involve and motivate young people to form a positive awareness of human rights in their own ways and in their own communities

Death Penalty Curricula for High School
This site and its accompanying materials are designed to assist both teachers and students in an exploration of capital punishment, presenting arguments for and against its use, as well as issues of ethics and justice that surround it.  The site has many online interactive resources and lesson plans can also be requested from the organization. 

Facing History and Ourselves
Facing History and Ourselves provides ideas, methods, and tools that support the practical needs, and the spirits, of educators worldwide who share the goal of creating a better, more informed, and more thoughtful society.

Human Rights Education Associates
An online library of human rights' resources, equipped with curriculum, lessons, and a teachers' library.  All materials are free and ready to download.

The Human Rights Education Handbook
By Nancy Flowers.  A complete handbook to teaching human rights, from ideas and resources for teaching elementary students to workshops for adults.

Human Rights Here and Now
By the Human Rights Educator’s Network, Human Rights Resource Center and the Stanley Foundation.  A complete guide to Human Rights Education for elementary through high school students

The New York Times - Teacher Connections
This site helps you bring human rights issues into the classroom with lesson plans based on current events.  

The People's Movement for Human Rights Education
Dedicated to human rights learning for social and economic change.  Provides excellent explanations of a variety of human rights issues, including: the aged, children, development, disability, discrimination, education, environment, ethnicity, food, health, housing, indigenous peoples, livelihood and land, minorities, peace and disarmament, poverty, race, refugees, religion, sexual orientation, women, work and workers.  Good starting point for teachers looking to explore one or more of these issues.

PBS Lesson Plans on Human Rights
Lesson plans for all ages related to current events.  They are centered on topics such as the war in Afghanistan, terrorism, tolerance, and cultural understanding. 

Teaching for Change - Building Social Justice, Starting in the Classroom
Features a catalogue of print resources for teachers, and highlights projects in the Washington, D.C. area.

UNESCO - Human Rights Education
Provides strategies for teaching human rights on an international and regional level.

UNICEF - Voices of Youth
Geared especially towards teachers.  Offers ideas for teaching human rights education.

Universal Rights Network
Contains universal rights activities, focusing on a range of student activities.

The University of Minnesota's Human Rights Resource Center
r and Human Rights Library are among the most comprehensive in the nation.  Provides information on all aspects of human rights, including texts of treaties and conventions as well as educational resources.  The Human Rights Education Series features a complete curriculum which can be downloaded.

United Nations – Cyberschoolbus - Global Teaching and Learning Project
The United Nations Cyberschoolbus supplies an abundance of curricular materials on such topics as human rights, health, the environment, and women’s and indigenous rights.  There are also other resources available including UN information, calendar of events, and news. 

World Savvy Monitor
The Monitor is a unique “one-stop shop” for K-12 educators who want to address complex global issues, drawn from hundreds of diverse sources and multiple perspectives. You'll get the background and context to help you understand the issues deeply and from all sides and enhance your ability to bring these issues into your classroom.