Detained Immigrants

The Advocates for Human Rights provides immigrant detainees with free consultation and representation at their initial immigration court appearance.

If you or a friend or loved one is an immigrant and being detained, contact us at 612-341-9845.

If you have a friend or family member who has been detained by ICE in Minnesota, a Detention Project volunteer attorney will likely meet him or her at immigration court on the date of his or her first hearing. The attorney will consult with the detainee prior to entering the courtroom and represent the person during the hearing.

There is no need to request this service; the attorneys will already be at the courthouse. Due to rising detention rates, this service cannot be guaranteed; however, the attorneys make every effort to meet with all detainees.

Detention Project volunteer attorneys are unable to consult with detainees before their first court date or with detainees held outside of Minnesota.

The Minnesota Detention Project is a collaboration between The Advocates and the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota. It was formed because people detained by ICE are not offered services of a public defender (most detainees cannot afford a private attorney). Since 2001, the Detention Project has provided the only legal representation accessible for the majority of immigrants detained by ICE in Minnesota. Volunteer attorneys and students from the legal clinics at all four Twin Cities law schools make the work of the Detention Project possible. Other resources may be available for these detainees. For information, visit the Detention Watch Network's website.

The Advocates' Sarah Brenes, Director of the Refugee & Immigrant Program and Gaowen Li, Legal Fellow, Refugee & Immigrant Program, speak about Detention Preparedness and Support in this podcast