Engaging Diaspora Communities to Effect Change

Whether a country is in turmoil because of a brutal dictator, internal armed conflict, or persecution of groups or individuals, people in diaspora communities can create change in their homelandseven while living half-way around the world.

Many migrants are pushed from their home countries because of human rights abuses. Oftentimes these migrants are political and human rights activists, and they bring their experiences with them.

Now they can, with the help of The Advocates for Human Rights groundbreaking manual, Paving Pathways for Justice & Accountability: Human Rights Tools for Diaspora Communities. From their new homes, they can create change in their countries of origin. Paving Pathways is a how-to guide with a host of strategies and resources. It works to empower migrants to be effective human rights advocates. It will facilitate the inclusion of diasporic voices in efforts to hold governments accountable. The manual can be downloaded at no cost.

"The unique ability diaspora communities have to improve human rights around the world has largely been overlooked," said Jennifer Prestholdt, The Advocates' deputy director and director of its International Justice Program. "It is time for that to change."

Partnering with Diaspora Communities, We Change the World
In addition to producing Paving Pathways for Justice & Accountability to help diaspora communities, we partnered with the Oromo diaspora and with the Liberian diaspora to make change happen.

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