Teaching Guides, Lesson Plans, and Curriculum

Human Rights Lesson Plan Library
These lesson plans are organized by grade to ensure age-appropriateness. Focused on participatory learning, the lessons will engage students as well as introduce them to a wide range of human rights-related issues. 

Human Rights Toolkits
A series of toolkits that examine important human rights issues in the United States.  Each toolkit includes a fact sheet, lesson plan, and additional tools to help Americans advocate for positive social change.

Rights Sites News
A periodic newsletter for educators that highlights a different human rights issue in each edition -  full of lesson plans, resources, and suggestions for teachers who want to incorporate human rights education in their classrooms. 

"Energy of a Nation: Immigrants in America" - A Teaching Guide for Grade 8 through Adult
This curriculum is a distinctive, comprehensive guide to teaching students about immigration in the United States. Designed for grade 8- adult audiences, with a module for upper elementary and middle level students, this learning tool provides important fundamental concepts, as well as critical context to elevate students' basic understandings and expand their perspectives. Lesson plans include engaging activities, handouts, fact sheets, PowerPoints, and other materials. ISBN: 0-929293 54-1. To order a print copy, complete an online order form. Cost: $35 

"Road to Peace: A Teaching Guide on Local and Global Transitional Justice"
This teaching guide contains ten lesson plans on conflict resolution and restoration of justice in the aftermath of war.  The Road to Peace teaches about justice on a local and international scale, asking students to make connections between instances of justice and injustice in their own lives, and in situations where justice has been or is being threatened in other countries. ISBN: 0-929293-54-1. To order a print copy, complete an online order form. Cost: $30 

Voices of Iraqi Refugees 
A teaching guide was created in in partnership with the Iraqi & American Reconciliation Project (IARP) to familiarize students with the post-war condition of Iraqi immigrants. The curriculum includes lesson plans for elementary, middle and high school classrooms.

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