Energy of a Nation: Immigrants in America, 3rd Ed.


Energy of a Nation: Immigrants in America, 3rd Edition is a distinctive, comprehensive guide to teaching students about immigration in the United States. Designed for grade 8 through adult audiences, with a module for upper elementary and middle level students, this learning tool provides important fundamental concepts, as well as critical context to elevate students' basic understandings and expand their perspectives.

The curriculum is filled with engaging, student-centered activities that follow best practices for human rights education (HRE). Students learn by exploring their own immigrant history; role-playing a refugee’s journey; deciding under what conditions they might risk being undocumented; playing games to understand the immigration system; drawing representative pictures of policies; rehearsing deliberative dialogue; constructing a gallery of nativism over the centuries; and creating a service learning project for their classroom or school.

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8: Mock Immigration Court
1: Who Are Immigrants 9: A Global Perspective on Immigration
2: Human Rights Defined 10: Nativism & Myths about Immigrants
3: Rights of Immigrants 11: Deliberative Dialogue
4: Push & Pull Factors 12: Civic Engagement & U.S. Immigration Policy
5: U.S. Immigration Policy 13: Creating a Welcoming School & Community
6: Refugees/Asylum Seekers Appendices: Immigration Resources
7: Undocumented Immigrants

>> Connections to C3 and ELA Social Studies Standards
>> Connections to MN Social Studies Standards

Download PowerPoints that accompany lessons below:

PPT for Lesson 5: How to Immigrate to the United States
PPT for Lesson 6: Refugees and Asylum Seekers
PPT for Lesson 7: Undocumented Immigration

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