Ethiopia Human Rights Council Human Rights Violations Against Minorities

Since 2004, The Advocates for Human Rights has documented reports from members of the Oromo ethnic group living in diaspora in the United States of human rights abuses they experienced in Ethiopia. The Advocates conducted over 65 interviews of Ethiopians, including Oromo and other ethnic group members; scholars; immigration attorneys; medical professionals; and other service providers working with Ethiopians in the United States. In addition, The Advocates monitored news and human rights reporting on events in Ethiopia.

Based on this information, The Advocates submitted a report to the UN Human Rights Council outlining grave concerns about the continued human rights violations against the Oromo people committed by the government of Ethiopia, as reported by Ethiopian nationals living in diaspora in the United States and by news media and human rights organizations monitoring conditions in Ethiopia. Despite credible, sustained reports of human rights abuses committed by the Ethiopian government since coming to power in 1991, the government of Ethiopia continues practices that violate its international human rights obligations.

The Advocates released its report Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia: Through the Eyes of the Oromo Diaspora, in December 2009, coinciding with the UN Human Rights Council's review of Ethiopia under the Universal Periodic Review.