Fall 2009: Getting Started: Steps to Becoming a Human Rights Educator

Getting Started as Human Rights Educator

"To educate is to believe in change."

~ Paolo Freire

This edition of Rights Sites News, entitled "Getting Started," is a primer for all teachers interested in becoming a human rights educator.  To make it simple, we have broken down the process into five steps:

Step 1:  WHAT Are Human Rights?
Step 2:  WHY Adopt Human Rights Education?
Step 3:  HOW Do I Teach Human Rights?
Step 4:  WHO Should Be Involved?
Step 5:  WHERE Can Human Rights Take My Classroom?

Each step answers a basic question and invites you to dig deeper with supplemental resources, tips, and tools.  We hope this newsletter marks the beginning of a great adventure into the world of human rights for you and your students.