Fall 2014 Racial Discrimination in the U.S.

Racial Discrimination in U.S. newsletter


Human rights are everyone’s birthright, regardless of race or any other distinction. The human right to freedom from discrimination is fundamental to each person’s ability to live in dignity — and to enjoy all their other human rights. Racism, which limits peoples’ access to rights based on their identity, is an attack on the very concept of human rights.  

Everyone can take responsibility for working to end racism and related intolerance and oppression. Schools play a crucial role in fighting discrimination and prejudice. Children develop an awareness of the similarities and differences between people from a very young age and pick up on value judgments by others about those differences. They are influenced by the behaviors and attitudes modeled by those around them throughout their childhood and develop their own values and beliefs based on these observations. This issue of Rights Sites News is dedicated to helping teachers and schools assist students in recognizing, accepting, and respecting diversity as well as exploring ways in which prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination may be addressed.