Teach Human Rights

Teach about human rights in your classroom with these great resources.  You can also browse by topic or grade level.

What is human rights education (HRE)?
A simple online manual for all teachers interested in becoming a human rights educator

Human Rights Lessons and Curriculum

Human Rights lesson plans - organized by grade to ensure age-appropriateness and designed to introduce human rights topics into the classroom. 

Energy of a Nation - a free interactive curriculum that explores immigration through a human rights lens

The Road to Peace - a curriculum on conflict resolution and restoration of justice in the aftermath of war.

Voices of Iraqi Refugees  -  K-12 Lessons that help familiarize students with the post-war condition of Iraqi immigrants. 

Additional curricula and lesson plans - other recommended curricula and lesson plans for teaching about human rights.

Newsletter for Educators
Rights Sites News - The Advocates for Human Rights newsletter, available four times a year, encourages and supports human rights educators. With each issue highlighting a particular human rights issue, Rights Sites News provides lesson plans, resources, and suggestions for teachers who want to incorporate human rights education in their classrooms.

Free Toolkits
Teach human rights issues in the U.S. with lesson plans, facts sheets, quizzes, and more. 

Education resources from The Advocates, organized by issue area


●    Advanced English Language Learner Books
●    Equality and Anti-Racism Books
●    Culturally-Specific Books
●    Peace and Justice Books
●    The Human Rights and Peace Store

Take Action for Human Rights
Transform the classroom into a site of social change, where students are empowered to become active citizens with these tools:
●    Background: Students as Human Rights Activists
●    Human Rights and Service-Learning Newsletter
●    Human Rights and Service-Learning Handout
●    Take Action Guides for the Classroom