Human Rights Heroes
Human Rights and their worldwide acceptance today would not have been possible without the human rights heroes who stood before them.  Below are links to inspiring stories of individuals who have made a difference and remind us that we all play an important role in making the enjoyment of human rights universal. 

This site provides a digital record of American history and creativity. The materials, from the collections of the Library of Congress and other institutions, chronicle historical events,people, places, and ideas that continue to shape America,serving the public as a resource for education and lifelong learning.
Learn about the men and women who shaped America’s labor movement. Get inspired by these brief biographies on working heroes who have fought for the workplace rights and protections we enjoy today.
An informational website which includes the biographies of 1000 heroes who have fought to build a better world. The list includes heroes for human rights, freedom, and environmental justice, convincing others to take action through leadership roles and by bringing important issues to the public’s attention.

This site features short biogaphies of the unsung heroes on the front lines of the environmental justice movement.

Facing History and Ourselves shares the stories of five extraordinary men and women they call upstanders: those who do not simply stand by in the face of injustice, but understand that each one of us can make a  difference.
This project tells the stories of “Giraffe Heroes” - people who stick their necks out for the common good. Their stories inspire others to take on the public challenges they see - speaking out against corruption, building bridges across conflicts, taking a stand against injustice, and being a voice for the powerless.
This site shows students that they are the hero in their own story and encourages them to behave heroically in their lives. Through exposure to true heroes and their journeys, students will have models to help them with the decisions and challenges life throws at them. The site includes a gallery of heroes with profiles and a place to add your own hero.

The My Hero website hosts thousands of stories of remarkable individuals written by children and adults alike. These stories serve to remind us that we all have the potential to overcome great obstacles and achieve our dreams by following in the footsteps of our heroes. It includes lesson plans for teachers.
This site has an interactive escape on the Underground Railroad. After entering the site, use the dropdown box to go to “Faces of Freedom” for short biographies and portraits. It includes a timeline of African-American history and lesson plans sorted by age and grade level.
This website explores the lives of many outstanding people from around the world throughout the 20th Century - people who have stood out from the rest by virtue of the positive impact they have made in the world. Resources include helpful tips for teachers to incorporate into the classroom. as well as action plans for individuals to think globally and act locally.
Time magazine has profiled individuals who, for better or worse, have most influenced the last 100 years (since 2000). They are considered in five fields of endeavor, culminating with their person of the century - Albert Einstein.
What Kids Can Do combs the country for compelling examples of young people working with adults in their schools and communities on real-world issues. The site provides youth with inspiring examples and resources on how they can take action and be a hero in their own lives.
The Universal Rights Network is a meeting place for the peoples of the world to share their stories of the importance of universal human rights and fundamental freedoms. Their “heroes” section tells the stories of many prominent contributors to the human rights movement. Their resources include a history of human rights, lesson plans for teachers, and ideas on how to get involved and become your own human rights hero.