A Human Rights Approach to Immigration Policy

The Advocates for Human Rights believes that effective immigration policy is rooted recognition of the human rights of every person, regardless of where they were born.

Our approach includes:

  • Research, fact-finding, and documentation of human rights conditions affecting immigrants and refugees;
  • Education and training to foster understanding and promote best practices for working with immigrants and refugees; and
  • Advocacy on behalf of clients and in partnership with communities to create policies that respect the human rights of all persons.

Bearing Witness in the Moment: Report from the Immigration Court Observation Project (2020) explores how inviting the public inside the workings of the deportation infrastructure can call into question the workings of that system. The deficiencies noted by observers point to fundamental failures of U.S. immigration laws, policies, and practices to meet internationally recognized human rights standards. 

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The Advocates’ groundbreaking report, Moving from Exclusion to Belonging: Immigrant Rights in Minnesota Today, centers on the human rights of refugees and immigrants in Minnesota. Published in April 2014, the report places its findings and recommendations within the context of state, federal, and international human rights law to identify what is working to promote integration and success, what is failing, and what gaps exist in public policy.