Human Rights Lessons K-5

In grades K-2, human rights education is focused on understanding the concepts of self, community and responsibility. Teachers can encourage students to develop respect for others by promoting listening and fair treatment. The following lesson plans are designed to introduce human rights topics at a basic level and promote respect for human rights among young students. 

In grades 3-5, social responsibility is the central topic in human rights education. Students exploring the concepts of justice and equality by exploring discrimination and other issues they encounter in their own lives. The following lesson plans can be used to introduce human rights topics to students in third through fifth grade.


Lesson Plan: All About Me! Grades K-2
Students will learn about the value of diversity and respect for others.

Lesson Plan: Learning about Human Migration from Butterflies. Grades K-2
Students learn about human migration through a comparison with butterfly migration.

Lesson Plan: Water. Grades K-2
This lesson helps students understand the amount of water they use each day and develop a plan for reducing their water use.
This lesson helps students understand understand the concept that all people’s human rights are important no matter how small or big or how young or old they are.
Lesson Plan: Right to a Clean Environment Role-Play. Grades 3-5
This lesson helps students gain an understanding of how the environment is connected to their daily lives and human rights.
Lesson Plan: Musical Chairs Human Rights Essay. Grades 3-5
Students will use pictures depicting human rights topics to create original stories and critically analyze how each story connects to different articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Lesson Plan: Traveling Suitcases. Grades 3-5
Students will learn about immigration through studying their own family history.

Lesson Plan: Beyond Pink and Blue: The Impact of Gender Stereotypes. Grades 3-7
Students will learn about how gender stereotypes affect them and explore how gender is portrayed in the media.

Lesson Plan: Challenge the Media
A fun group activity that can be done with youth and adults of any age that empowers participants to identify gender stereotypes in the media and examine their effects.

Lesson Plan: Voices of Iraqi Refugees - Making a Connection
From The Voices of Iraqi Refugees Teaching Guide, students will learn to make a connection between themselves and Iraqi refugee children and learn how to welcome refugees into their classrooms and schools.