Latin American Book and Books in Spanish

All the Colors We Are – by Katie Kissinger – children’s literature
This book is in Spanish and English and tells about why people have different skin colors. The reader learns that skin color is not as important as some people think, but is based on our ancestry, the sun, and melanin. Skin color is just another factor that makes us special and unique.

An American Leader – Cesar E. Chávez- The Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture – teen/adult
This book chronicles the work of Cesar Chavez, a migrant farm worker who was very successful in the organization of farm workers from the 1960s to the 1990s. Featured are Interviews with different people that knew Chavez and discussion of his vital role in ensuring better conditions for farm workers.

A Cafecito Story – by Julia Alvarez – children/teen
This book focuses on coffee, which is a sign of hospitality to some, a wakeup call for others, and an economic lifeline for many. A Cafecito Story tells the complex tale of a social beverage that bridges nations and unites people in trade.

Los Dos Mundos – by Richard Baker – adult
Richard Baker has done many studies about the Mexican-American population in the US. In this book he discusses racial tensions in a small rural town in Idaho. He interviews both Anglos and Mexican community members and discusses the stereotypes, stigmas and prejudices each group has for one another.

Mexican-America Students, a Study of Educationally Discounted Youth – by Richard Baker  – teen/adult
Baker has done many studies on race relations in "Middle west" Idaho. This area includes the small agricultural communities around Nampa. In this particular book, Baker focuses on Mexican-American youth, the reasons for their failure in the public school system, troubles in their personal lives, gang involvement, etc. A must read for teachers who have Mexican-American students, this book shows the prejudices, even if unintentional, and mistakes teachers often make with non-white students.

Orientation Guide for Immigrants to Idaho –  by the Idaho Human Rights Education Center – teen/adult
designed to help newly migrated Hispanics become familiar with Idaho and adjust to living in America.

Santa Biblia – adult
The Bible translated into Spanish, includes the New and Old Testaments.  Latin American & Books in Spanish – children's literature

¡Si, Se Puede! Janitor Strike in L.A. – by Diana Cohn – children's literature
This book is about the April 2000 janitors strike in Los Angeles. At the center of the story is Carlitos, a young boy whose mother, a janitor, becomes a leader of the strike. To help and support his mother, Carlitos makes posters with his classmates and joins the marchers.

The Story of Colors – by Subcomandante Marcos – children's literature
This book is in Spanish and English. This folktale reveals some of the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of Chiapas and their fight to conserve their culture and a vision of the world which they see as flowering with holiness.

Touching Haiti – by Donna-Marie Hayes – teen/adult
This book was written to create awareness for "Project Haiti," a program supported by the Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Foundation to build an orphanage and a pediatric hospital on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This is a personal narrative about the experiences of nine members of the Haiti Medical Mission Team from Boise who traveled to Haiti in February 2001, amidst political instability, rampant corruption and unspeakable poverty.