Mexico and Latin America

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Justice Suspended: the Failure of the Habeas Corpus System in Guatemala (1990)
Documents the ineffectiveness of Guatemala's Habeas Corpus system in the government's failure to investigate crimes of political killings, kidnappings and disappearances and for failing to put an end to the extra-legal activity of the armed groups that perpetuate these crimes. Recommendations are given for improving the Habeas Corpus procedure. ISBN: 0-929293 08-8 

Another Violence Against Women: The Lack of Accountability in Haiti (1995)
Documents the systematic rape of women as a tool of repression in Haiti during the military rule from 1991-1994 and evaluates the mechanisms established by the Haitian government to address this violence. 

RESTAVEK: Child Domestic Labor in Haiti (1989)
Details the common practice of domestic child labor in Haiti, known in Creole as "restavek", and illuminates the plight of restavek children who lack basic economic and civil rights. Recommendations, directed toward the abolition of restavek, are offered. ISBN: 0-929293 06-1

Full Rights, Whole Children: A Case Study of Child Survival and Human Rights in Mexico (2001)
Documents violations of children's economic, social and cultural rights in Mexico. This report supplements The Advocates' 1998 case-study on Child Mortality in Mexico. The report includes an analysis of Mexico's macroeconomic polices, the Mexican health care system, and government social welfare programs that impact child well-being. ISBN: 0-929293 50-7

Global Child Survival: A Human Rights Priority: Case Studies of Uganda, Mexico, and U.S. (1999)
In developing and developed countries alike, more than 12 million children under the age of five die each year as a result of inadequate health services, violence, malnutrition, unsafe water, and lack of other basice necessities.  These deaths constitute an unspeakable tragedy and must be recognized as a gross violation of fundamental human rights.  This report tackles the serious issue of preventable child mortality and emphasizes that all rights -- civil, political, economic, social and cultural -- must be promoted and protected in order to ensure the health and survival of children. ISBN: 0-929293 38-x

Derechos Humanos Y Poder Judicial En Mexico (1995)
Reviews the structure and practice of the judicial branch of government in Mexico as it affects the human rights of Mexican citizens. Analyzes structural and practical impediments to the independence of the judiciary, including the procedures for appointment and discipline of judges, and the use of judicial power as an instrument of executive authority. Spanish only. ISBN: 0-929293 27-4

Massacre in Mexico: Killings and Cover-up in the State of Guerrero (1995)
Describes the state police killing of seventeen civilians and the lengths to which the Guerrero state government sought to cover up these killings. The report also analyzes the failed federal government response to the massacre in light of its international human rights responsibilities. ISBN: 0-929293 30-4

Codificando Represion: El Codigo Penal para el Estado de Chiapas (1994)
Analyzes the Penal Code of the state of Chiapas and recommends fundamental changes in the document so that the legal standards that govern the state conform to international principles of human rights ratified by Mexico. Spanish only. ISBN: 0-929293 24-x

Harassment of Human Rights Defenders in Mexico (1994)
Details escalating aggressions against human rights advocates, community workers and the Catholic Church prior to the national elections of August 1994, and urges the Mexican government to guarantee international human rights protections for these individuals and their organizations. ISBN: 0-929293 20-7

Reflexiones Sobre Democracia y Derechos Humanos (1994)
Presents various reflections about the relationship between democracy and human rights, discussing the various interpretations of these two concepts. The relationship and conclusions are discussed within the context of Mexican society and politics. No ISBN

Stifling Human Rights Advocacy in Mexico: The Censure of Brigadier General Jose' Francisco (1994)
Gallardo Rodriguez highlights the risks facing human rights advocates in Mexico today by detailing the case of a prominent Mexican general who was jailed after denouncing military human rights violations. ISBN: 0-929293 19-3

The Mexican Coordination of National Public Security (1994)
Analyzes the creation and potential impact on human rights protections of a new Mexican executive office with broad authority over the nation's security forces. ISBN: 0-929293 22-3

Civilians at Risk: Military and Police Abuses in Mexican Countryside  (1993)
Documents patterns of human rights abuses by the Mexico military and police against indigenous communities in rural Mexico. ISBN: 0-929293 16-9

Conquest Continued: Disregard for Human and Indigenous Rights in the Mexican State of Chiapas (1992)
Details the intimidation, torture, and electoral fraud used by Mexico's police and ruling political party to exclude the indigenous population from political participation and economic progress in Chiapas. Spanish only. ISBN: 0-929293 13-4

No Double Standards in International Law: Linkage of NAFTA with Hemispheric System of Human Rights (1992) 
Calls for the linkage of the NAFTA agreement with international human rights enforcement mechanisms. ISBN: 0-929293 15-0

The Homicide of Dr. Victor Manuel Oropeza Contreras: A Case Study of Failed Human Rights Reforms in Mexico (1991)
Examines the homicide of a popular, outspoken newspaper columnist. The investigation of this death exemplified the abuses and failings of the Mexican police and prosecuting authorities. ISBN: 0-9293 11-8

Paper Protection: Human Rights Violations and the Mexican Criminal Justice System (1990)
Documents chronic human rights abuses by the Mexican police forces and analyzes the relevant Mexican and international legal provisions. ISBN: 0-929293 07-x