MN Asylum Network Sack Lunch
Thursday, June 27, 2019 12:00 PM

Asylum Seeker Sponsorship

Katharine Gordon, as the Pro Bono Coordinator for Al Otro Lado, works with people who are in immigration detention throughout the country and who might have a better chance of being released on their own recognizance if they had a sponsor and network of community support. While Al Otro Lado has worked mostly with people who are detainees, sometimes sponsorship situations fall through once a person is released, and at that time folks may look to a wide variety of alternate sponsors throughout the country. Katharine has facilitated such sponsorships here in the Twin Cities.

Come join us and learn what the different levels of sponsorship are and how you can be involved in extending hospitality and support to newly arrived asylum seekers.

This event is an informal sack lunch meeting. If you would like to invite others who would be interested in the event, we would most welcome that!

You are receiving this invitation because you are a known ally or service provider for those seeking asylum in Minnesota.

We hope you can make it!


International Association for Refugees and The Advocates for Human Rights