Model Hearing Program for Pro Bono Attorneys
Friday, April 13, 2018 9:00 AM

This free seminar will provide hands-on immigration court training to a small group of prospective pro bono attorneys emphasizing practice, procedure, and advocacy skills, in order to improve the level and quality of representation before the Fort Snelling Immigration Court. Through simulated Master Calender and Individual Hearings, participants have an opportunity to serve in the role of respondent's counsel, ICE Trial Attorney and respondent witness. Sample case scenarios will be provided in advance of the training. An introductory training will take place in the morning, followed by mock heraings with an immigration judge in the afternoon. This training is designed for attorneys with little or no immigration law experience. All participants must accept a pro bono case with The Advocates for Human Rights in the coming year.

Please note, this is a free seminar; however, registration will be capped at 30 participants.

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