Native American Books

Bloodlines: Odyssey of a Native Daughter – by Janet Campbell Hale – teen/adult
Janet is the descendant of French and Native American ancestors. She lived on a reservation in Coeur d'Alene Idaho, where Native Americans were assimilated by attending Catholic schools. This is a story of her life, her history and the struggles of being a woman of color.

A Century of Dishonor – by Helen Jackson – teen/adult
A classic account of the incredible injustices suffered by Native American tribes throughout U.S. history. Jackson discusses The Trail of Tears and other atrocities inflicted by white men on various native tribes.

American Indian Authors – by Natachee Scott Momaday – teen/adult
This compilation features Native American authors and their respective stories.

Crossing the Panther's Path – by Elizabeth Alder– teen/adult
Based on a true story, Crossing the Panther's Path is a rousing historical fiction about a passionate young soldier, his friendship with an incomparable leader of nations, and the terrible events culminating in the War of 1812.

I am Joseph, the Instruction – by Tzo-Nah – teen/adult
An American Indian philosophy for modern times, this book takes you on a journey from death to reincarnation. This book tells the story of an American Indian stone mason who dies and is reborn with a separate consciousness named Joseph. At the core of Joseph's arising is the struggle between good and evil, and the lesson to be learned is that each of us has more power than anyone has ever imagined to cure our societies' ills by understanding ourselves as both human and spiritual beings.

Idaho Indians, Tribal Histories – All Idaho Indian Expo – teen/adult
This is a great teaching tool of Idaho tribes containing lots of pictures and stories about Native American life in Idaho which also features activities and discussion topics for students.

The New Face of the Anti-Indian Movement – teen/adult
Written by the Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity, this is the spring 2000 issue of "The Dignity Report." This issue focuses on the question, "Who is behind the attack on treaty rights and tribal sovereignty?" but also has articles by a right-wing media network and a Holocaust denier. This book lists other useful resources.

The Nez Perce – by Petra Press - children’s literature
An introduction to the Nez Perce tribe, written at a level suitable for young children. Great for book reports or an in-class teaching tool!

Touch the Earth: A Self-Portrait of Indian Existence - Compiled by T.C. McLuhan – teen/adult
Touch the Earth is a selection of statements and writings by North American Indians, chosen to illuminate the course of Indian history and the abiding values of Indian life; values that show harmony with nature and the regard of the land as a sacred creation. This book also includes great illustrations of different native peoples.

The Unbreakable Code – by Sara Hoagland Hunter – children's literature
A story of how the Navajo language was used to create military codes, which helped saved thousands of American lives in the Pacific during World War II.

We Are the Many – by Doreen Rappaport – children's literature
A picture book of famous American Indians, from Sacagawea to Sherman Alexie.