Nepal- CRC- Child Labor, Trafficking, and Lack of Access to Education- April 2016

The Adovcates for Human Rights submitted a shadow report to the comimittee on the Rights for the Child for the 72nd Session's Convention on the Rights of the Child, which took place in May, for the committee's upcoming review of Nepal's compliance with its obligations under the Convention on the Rights to the Child (CRC) and the Optional Protocol to the Convnetion on the Rights of the Child. 

Nepali children continue to face numerous barriers in accessing their right to education, sexual exploiutation, and trafficking of children. In attempts to alleviate these widespread issues, the Government of Napal allocated funds toward initiatives and created policy changes. Despite the policy change offering free education to all children in Nepal, hidden fees remain a barrier for lower caste families and the allocated funds are being spent inefficiently. Additionally, numerous gender and racial barriers continue ot exist.

Serious probelms exist with Napal's legal and policy framework to address child labor. Napal does have specific anti-trafficking laws but there is a lack of awareness regarding them causing a gap between law and practice. The lack of general awareness has led to poor investigation techniques and victims receiving inadequate support. Additionanally, complaints alleging trafficking and child labor are often dismissed leading to a lack of confidence in the system and underreporting of cases. The previously exisiting structural and soceital barriers facing children were exacerbated by the earthquake in 2014.

The Advocates offered recommendation to the Committee for its review of Napal's compliance with its obligation under CRC and the Optional Protocol.