Human Rights Observer
The Advocates' newsletter, the Human Rights Observer, is an important source of information for people around the world and locally in Minnesota. It contains summaries of ongoing projects, reports from programs, resources, reviews of publications, and information about upcoming events. The Human Rights Observer is issued twice per year.

Rights Sites News
The Advocates Rights Sites News is designed to encourage and support human rights educators. Each issue highlights a different human rights issue and provides lesson plans, resources, and suggestions for teachers who want to incorporate human rights education in their classrooms.

The Advocates' e-newsletter, NewsWire, features news, updates, action alerts, upcoming events, media coverage, and new blog posts each month.

The VAW Monitor
The VAW Monitor is a monthly e-mail newsletter featuring news updates, alerts regarding new topics discussed on StopVAW and commentary on law and policy developments relating to efforts to eliminate violence against women in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

For questions or requests regarding newsletters and annual reports, please contact Kathy Schoen, Communications and Outreach Director, at 612-746-4669 or email.

*Permission is granted to individuals, organizations and businesses to use publications for non-commercial purposes with proper attribution and citation to The Advocates for Human Rights.

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