Peace and Conflict Resolution

The Road to Peace: A Teaching Guide on Local and Global Transitional Justice teaching guide contains ten lesson plans on conflict resolution and restoration of justice in the aftermath of war, emphasizing the processes that countries coming out of conflict undertake to seek resolution, address past human rights abuses, reform their societies, and heal from violence.  It challenges students to apply these methodologies to transform conflict in their own lives and stop the cycle of violence.

Peace and Justice Book List
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Peace and Justice Films:
 Feature films and documentaries related to war, peace, and restorative justice.



Conflict Resolution and Peace Links

Beyond Intractability 
Make information on conflict resolution and stories from those who have solved similar problems more widely and freely accessible, so people are not forced to “reinvent the wheel” when making a peace building effort.

Cadre, The National Center on Dispute Resolution
A bilingual (English and Spanish) resource for articles, training resources and more for mediation in schools.  The site includes an online database of special education conflict resolution professionals, a State Data Management System, and procedures and tips on conflict resolution.

Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace
This Canadian organization could inform you on everything you’d ever need to know about peace. Check out the section on annual peace education conferences, the great books and resources, the “Who’s Who,” and the Upcoming Events.

The Carter Center
The Carter Center is committed to advancing human rights and alleviating unnecessary human suffering. Join them in      creating a world in which every man, woman, and child has the opportunity to enjoy good health and live in peace.

Challenge Day:  Be the Change  
A one-day experience that ranges from silly and fun to serious and life-changing, Challenge Day is an event you and your students should not miss. Students laugh together, cry together, reconcile differences, share sadness and joy, and learn more about diversity, relationships, and love than they ever could from any classroom lesson. The Challenge Day            program is designed to help stop the violence and alienation that youth face every day.  The program tears down the walls of separation, creates connection and support among participants, and inspires people to live in an environment of compassion, acceptance, and respect. 

Children’s International Summer Villages
CISV focuses on building the leaders of tomorrow through cross-cultural interaction, leadership training and peace education. They run hundreds of camps each year that take youth from various countries and teach them about peace through simulation activities and experiential learning. Find out more about the organization and programs at the international website.

Compassionate Listening Projects
This initiative is dedicated to building bridges between people, communities and nations in conflict, with projects focusing on Israel/Palestine and the German/Jewish community. Check out the articles, photo exhibits, and participant reflections to understand how this unique process works.

Conflict Resolution Institute  
A source of comprehensive teaching packages and award winning videos for purchase by school and teachers (all materials are available in English and Spanish). Also offers faculty, student, and parent training in conflict resolution. There are a few articles describing other schools’ experiences with the program.

Conflict Resolution Network (CRN) 
CRN’s vision is to create a conflict-resolving community in a culture of peace and social justice. Conflict resolution builds stronger and more cohesive organizations and more rewarding relationships. CRN makes conflict resolution skills, strategies and attitudes more readily and universally accessible.

Fellowship of Reconciliation
Check out this peace and justice multi-faith organization’s website for great links and peace quotes. Enroll in the World Peace Student Essay Contest.

Global Movement for a Culture of Peace
Features interesting analysis of the psychology of peace, including research that counteracts the notion that human  beings are naturally predisposed to violence and war.

Hague Appeal for Peace
The Hague Appeal for Peace is an international network of peace and justice organizations dedicated to the abolition of war. This network offers various ways for people to help out through campaigning projects.

Help Increase the Peace Program (HIPP)
Designed to reduce violence, strengthen cross-racial and cross-cultural understanding, and support youth as they become active agents for social change.  The training manual includes 100 pages of new material including Facilitator Tips and over 200 activities in: Communication, Cooperation, Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem, Gender and Relationships, Bullying, Conflict Resolution, Diversity and Intolerance, Racism, Sexism and Homophobia, Economic Justice and Democracy.

International Center on Nonviolent Conflict
An educational foundation that develops and encourages the study and use of civilian-based, nonmilitary strategies to establish and defend human rights, democracy and justice worldwide.

International Day of Peace
September 21st is the International Day of Peace.  Get ideas, info, activities, and organizing tips on how you can celebrate.

International Peace Bureau
This world-renowned international peace federation brings together people from across the globe working for peace.  Find out how to become a member and get involved in their programs.

This U.S.-based organization works to bring ordinary people back into politics. Sign up for action updates or share your ideas with others using the Action Forum software.

Nonviolent Peaceforce 
The main goal of this organization is to contribute toward international efforts to create a global nonviolent peace force to dispatch to troubled areas worldwide. There are over 18 different suggestions listed of simple things people can do to promote peace in their communities.

One Day in Peace
On-line picture book designed for children about peace that can be viewed in 21 different languages. The site also offers links to other peace related initiatives and programs.

Pathways to Peace
A recognized leader in the field of Peacebuilding, with consulting and ongoing projects that have both global and local relevance.  Pathways To Peace is an official Peace Messenger of the United Nations and has worked with the UN for over 20 years. Each year, PTP submits the annual report to the UN for the International Day of Peace, listing activities that take place worldwide on September 21.

Peace Brigades International
Peace Brigades sends volunteer witnesses into areas of repression and conflict.

Peace Child International
Peace Child International empowers children to take responsibility for peace, human rights and the environment through education, leadership development and direct participation in the events that shape our world community. It does this through producing publications, musicals, conferences and encouraging its affiliate youth groups throughout the world.

Peace Corps
The Peace Corps has three goals: To help the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women; to help promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the peoples served; and to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.

Peacemaker Training Institute
PTI is a program of the Fellowship of Reconciliation.  Their trainings help young people become more effective peace and justice activists.  Their website also provides resources for peacemakers.

Peace Pledge Union
Look under the "Education" section to find interesting resources and projects that promote world peace.  Some examples include:  learn peace, a Peace Pledge Union Project, and 100 years of action for peace.

Peace Protest 
Check out this global calendar of pro-peace actions and conferences, searchable by region. Sign an online petition, download peace posters, and look for event listings and organizations in your community.

Peace site
Learn how to become a peace site and plant a peace pole.

Acts as a global meeting place for peacebuilders to express their feelings, experiences, and thoughts about peace through stories, art, or music. The detailed “Resources” section of this site is categorized by websites, books, films/videos, music, programs/centers, and news/announcements.

Right Livelihood Awards
The Right Livelihood Award, sometimes known as the “Alternative Nobel Peace Prize,” was established to honor organizations and individuals around the world who are working for positive social change. Get inspired by reading            biographies and stories about the amazing award recipients from around the world!

Seeds of Peace
This U.S. based organization, focusing on Arab and Israeli youth, is dedicated to empowering children in war-affected countries to break the cycle of violence and learn to peacefully coexist.  Check out the Olive Branch online youth         magazine.

Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE)
A student-initiated program that promotes nonviolence within schools and communities. SAVE provides education about the effects and consequences of violence and helps provide safe activities for students, parents, and communities.

Teen and Young Adult Health      
Click on Teen (12-17) or Young Adult (18-25) Health and then search under “Conflict Resolution.”  A simple start to understanding conflict resolution. Tips offered for creating healthy relationships and positive lifestyle choices. Topics include relationships, gangs, parenting, employment, society, drugs, media, homelessness, and more.

Training for Change (TFC)
TFC makes their training manuals available for activist trainers. Activities are categorized into these groups: diversity/anti-oppression, strategy, team building, nonviolent action for social change, third party nonviolent intervention, making better trainings, and meeting and dialogue facilitation.

United Nations (UN)  and
One of the central purposes of the UN is to preserve world peace. This site provides extensive information about the UN’s accomplishments and gives detailed background information and further links to all peace related topics. The 
“Cyber School Bus” link offers free units for teachers on peace education. There are five units designed for different age groups that focus on tolerance, respect, and nonviolence. Teachers are also invited to review the “Cyber School Bus” site for free classroom materials.

United States Institute of Peace (USIP)
Helps prevent and resolve violent international conflicts, promote post-conflict stability and democratic transformations, and increase peacebuilding capacity, tools, and intellectual capital worldwide. USIP does this by empowering others with knowledge, skills, and resources, as well as by its direct involvement in peacebuilding efforts around the globe.

Victory Over Violence (VOV)
A youth-sponsored initiative to help young people identify and counteract the root causes of violence in their lives and in their communities. VOV outreach programs began in 1999 as a response to growing concerns over the rise in        youth-related violence.           

Witness for Peace (WFP)
A politically independent, nationwide grassroots organization of people committed to nonviolence and led by faith and conscience. WFP’s mission is to support peace, justice and sustainable economies in the Americas by changing U.S.policies and corporate practices which contribute to poverty and oppression in Latin America and theCaribbean

World Youth Peace Summit
Brings together dynamic young leaders who share the dream of peace by organizing Youth Peace Conferences and facilitating a worldwide network that links active young people with the support they need. These Youth Leaders represent the best of all sectors, encompassing government, business and independent organizations.

Youth Action for Peace (YAP)
An international peace movement that aims for societies of peace, justice, and self determination. Since 1923 Youth Action for Peace has been committed to promoting peace and dialogue in local communities through the active participation of young people. 

Transitional/Restorative Justice Links

The Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking
Provides technical assistance, training, and research in support of restorative justice practice. The Center works with practitioners, policy makers, and students at local, regional, national, and international levels.

Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation
Has been documenting and studying violence in South Africa for over 15 years and has an excellent perspective on the transitional justice process in its publication section. 

International Center for Transitional Justice
Dedicated to the Transitional Justice practice and philosophy, and contains reports on several countries.  Plus, additional information about the conflicts and challenges that these nations faced or are presently facing.

International Crisis Group
An independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization, with 120 staff members on five continents, working through field-based analysis and high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict.

Restorative Measures in the Schools 
Provides an overview of circle conferencing and some ideas about how to incorporate it into a school setting.

Restorative Justice Consortium
Formed in 1997, bringing together a wide range of organizations with an interest in Restorative Justice.

Restorative Justice On-line
Dedicated to the practices and philosophies behind restorative justice methods. Offers great in-depth information about the definition of restorative justice and additional research and resources. It has an extensive section on how to get involved with restorative justice on the local level and a link to a model restorative justice system for a city.