Photography Exhibit Opening
Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 2-17
Landmark Center's Gallery 
75 - 5th St. W.
St. Paul, MN

Through photographs and interviews, "I Have A Name" seeks to give immigrants from Mexico and Central America a face, a name, and their own story. Those featured in the exhibit stand for the hundreds of thousands of their comadres y compadres who have suffered for an opportunity to free themselves and their families from the deadly grip of poverty, crime, and corruption.

The photographs, printed on aluminum, will be hung in groups at the viewer's eye level, creating a familiar relationship between the viewer and the person in the photograph. A quote accompanies each image, and booklets of the immigrants' stories will be provided to patrons.

"Juan Carlos, Guadalupe, David, Victoria, and the other undocumented immigrants we've met may represent thousands of people, but they emphatically are not statistics," said the exhibit's creators, writer Robert Adler and photographer Tom Feher. "They are individuals like you and me. Meet them, listen to them, and like us, be changed."

The exhibit co-sponsors include The Advocates for Human Rights, League of Women Voters Minnesota, and League of Women Voters St. Paul.

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