Press Releases 2013-2014

News Releases 2014

Community Forum to Educate the Public on President Obama's New Administrative Relief for Parents of U.S. Citizens, Avoid "Notario" Fraud (Dec. 17)

The Advocates for Human Rights Urges Release of U.S. Citizen Near Death in Egyptian Prison (Oct. 1)

Experts Availalbe to Discuss Conditions at Detention Center Holding Central American Children, Mothers (Aug. 13)

U.S. Justice Department Agreement Opens the Asylum Door for Twin Cities' Man (Aug. 7)

MN Congressional Delegation Urged to Ensure Protection of Children Fleeing Violence in Central America (July 17)

Local Immigration Experts Available to Discuss Humanitarian Crisis on U.S./Mexico Border and Key Points about Humanitarian Crisis (July 10)

MN Organization Sounds Alarm with India's President about Persecution of Human Rights Defenders (July 1)

Hyde Park Resident Being Recognized for Human Rights Work (June 10)

St. Cloud Attorney Laura Tripiciano to be recognized with human rights award (June 10)

Official Statement regarding the Ethiopia Government's Crackdown on Oromo Student Protests (June 3)

2014 Human Rights Awards Dinner Press Release (June)

Writ Filed with U.S. Supreme Court for Review of One-Year Filing Deadline Issue (April 14)

“Minnesota Nice” Isn’t Enough, Says Groundbreaking Report (April 2)

“Minnesota Nice” Not Enough, Says Report Being Released at April 2 Press Conference (April 1)

Moldova Delegation to Visit Minnesota to Study Programs for Men Who Batter (March 21)

Moldovan Delegation to Visit Duluth to Study Leading-Edge Program (March 21)

The Advocates for Human Rights on Agenda for UN's Review of US Record; Launching Groundbreaking Resource Manual (March 13)

Refugees Can Create Change in the Countries They Fled, Publication from The Advocates is a how-to guide (Feb. 17)

Opinion Editorials 2014

Official Statement regarding President Obama's Executive Actions on Immigration (Nov. 25)

Don't Put Mothers and Their Children in Prison (Nov. 19)

Letter to President Obama (Nov. 18)

Hold India's Prime Minister Modi Accountable (Sept.)

Legalizing Prostitution = Legalizing Abuse (Sept. 3)

Crisis at the border: We must ensure humanitarian protections work and American values are upheld (July 10)

We can handle this, we should handles this, and we are obligated to (July 24)

A Humanitarian Crisis (June 25)

Another Botched Execution Re-ignites Death Penalty Debate (April 30)

News Releases 2013

The Advocates for Human Rights Calls for Release of U.S. Citizen Facing Charges in Dubai (Dec. 10)

The Advocates for Human Rights Calls for Immediate, Thorough Investigation into Torture and Murder of Prominent Cameroonian LGBT Rights Activist (July 16)

Minnesotans United for All Families and Our Vote Our Future to Receive Awards from The Advocates for Human Rights (May 13)

Immigration Reform Bill Welcomed by The Advocates for Human Rights (April 17)

Cantus Concert to Honor 30 Years of Human Rights Work (April 8)

The Advocates of Human Rights Focusing World Leaders on Violence Against Women (March 22)

Legislature Urged to Help Child Victims of Sex Trafficking (Feb. 15)

Legislators, Safe Harbor coalition, announce legislation to address child sex trafficking in Minnesota (Feb. 7)

The Advocates for Human Rights Works in Morocco, Mongolia, Latvia, and Lithuania in January to Combat Violence Against Women (Feb. 1)

The Advocates for Human Rights Welcomes Minneapolis Action on Immigration (Jan. 24)

The Advocates for Human Rights and Mongolian Partner to Conduct Interviews on Domestic Violence in Mongolia (Jan. 15)

Film Screening and Book Reception with Iraqi Authors and Filmmakers (Jan. 4)

Opinion Editorials 2013

Minnesota's anti-trafficking model inspires federal legislation (November 27)

Hold U.S. Accountable for Its Human Rights Record (September 12)

Congress: Don't Sacrifice Basic Human Rights in U.S. Border Communities When Reforming Immigration (July 8)

End Child Labor: June 12 is World Day Against Child Labour (June 11)

Violence Against Women: A Social Disease with an Identifiable Cause (May 28)

Sex-Trafficked Children Are Victims, Not Criminals (May 30)

It's time to protect chlidren who are victims of sex trafficking (April 1)

Minnesota Must Continue Global Leadership on Ending Violence Against Women (Feb. 7)

Dennis McGuire’s execution: a real-life — or real-death — example of cruel, inhuman punishment (January 7)